年专注PVC管、PPR管、PE给水管生产研发 20 years of focus on production and development of PVC pipe, PPR pipe, PE water pipe

Serving thousands of projects, factory direct sales, famous brands in Hunan Province
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After 20 years of growth and improvement, Deng Quan Plastics has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons, and has become one of the largest plastic pipe manufacturers and pipe production bases in Hunan, Hubei, and Chongqing. With strong product research and development capabilities, it is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise. The company's main products are various PVC pipes, PE water pipes, cpvc power pipes, ppr pipes, and PVC line pipes.

Deng Quan Plastic Industry

Engineering solution case


Guangxi Sanjiang County Safe Drinking Water Project 2019 Consult now to learn more


立即咨询 了解更多 Deng Quan Xiangtan Jiuhua Industrial Park CPVC Power Pipe Project Case Project Type: Communication Engineering Project Address: Xiangtan Jiuhua Main Product: CPVC Power Pipe PVC Electrical Sleeves Consult Now Learn More


立即咨询 了解更多 CPVC power pipe engineering case for a certain road in Shaoyang Project type: Shaoyang City Urban road traffic signal line pre-buried project Address: Shaoyang City Main products: cpvc power pipe Consult now to learn more


Country Garden Group Plastic Pipe Supply in Hunan Province Consult now to learn more


立即咨询 了解更多 China Railway Group PVC Drainage Pipe Project Application Case Project Type: PVC Pipe Procurement Project of Qianzhangchang Railway Project 1 Branch of Chongqing Branch of China Railway Fourth Bureau Address: Zhangjiajie-Qianzhangchang Railway Main Products: PVC Pipe

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  • PVC线管

    PVC pipe

  • PPR水管

    PPR water pipe

  • PE给水管

    PE water supply pipe

  • CPVC电力管

    CPVC Power Pipe

  • PVC给水管

    PVC water supply pipe

  • HDPE双壁波纹管

    HDPE double wall corrugated pipe

Deng Quan Plastic Industry

PVC管品牌 Consumer trusted PVC pipe brands

Key products for engineering construction

Deng Quan Plastic Industry

"Customized solution" service makes your purchase easier

Program customized service allows you to purchase more simple

Dengquan Plastic Industry- Create a model of industry and trade, let more people use good management

Deng Quan plastic-trading model


Focused on the industry for 20 years, has accumulated a lot of reputation and trustworthy brands

Won the famous trademark in Hunan Province, AAA quality credit enterprise in Hunan Province, China's key construction product promotion products, accumulated profound.

Serving two thousand large and small projects in electric power, water conservancy, road administration, real estate, home improvement and other industries, and experienced service professionals.

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Strictly qualified product quality control rate 100% won a number of industry inspection certifications

Deng Quan's 30 production lines are equipped with a full set of testing equipment, professional quality testing personnel, product quality traceability to people, and ensure that the factory pass rate reaches 100%;

Has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSA18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, China environmental labeling product certification.

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Production and research team with more than 200 people, 30 European and American equipment production lines, 10,000-ton production capacity

The construction area of Dengquan Pipe Industry Factory is more than 65,000 square meters. The warehouse with an annual output of more than 50,000 tons of PVC pipes / PE / PPR pipes has stable inventory, orderly production, and timely supply.

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One- stop service before, during and after sale

Dengquan Pipe Industry can tailor a comprehensive and high-quality pipe network design according to the customer's engineering situation. Provide a full range of services from transportation, construction, and installation guidance to high-tech to advance the customer's construction progress. The service covers pre-sale guidance, in-sale support, and after-sale maintenance, and provide housekeeper-level services for engineering contractors.

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Deng Quan Plastic IndustryDeng Quan Plastic IndustryDeng Quan Plastic IndustryDeng Quan Plastic Industry

Dengquan Plastic Industry— Honor

  • 营业执照

    business license
  • 守合同重信用企业证书

    Certificate of Abiding by Contract and Credit
  • 产品标准实施证书

    Product Standard Implementation Certificate
  • 湖南省名牌产品证书

    Certificate of Hunan Famous Brand Product
  • 湖南省新材料企业证书

    Hunan New Material Enterprise Certificate
  • PVC-M管材卫生许可批件

    PVC-M Pipe Sanitary License Approval
  • PVC-U管材卫生许可批件

    PVC-U Pipe Sanitation License
  • PE给水管卫生许可证

    PE water pipe sanitation permit
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Deng Quan Plastic Industry · Business Partner

  • 邓权加盟商谭芬

    Deng Quan Franchisee Tan Fen

    The professionalism, professionalism and responsibility of Deng Quan's staff left me a good impression. Their perfect service has been completely eliminated ... [View details]
  • 邓权加盟商林敏

    Deng Quan Franchisee Lin Min

    By chance, I searched for Deng Quan Plastic Industry on Baidu. The cooperation process was very pleasant.
  • 邓权加盟商杨佳

    Deng Quan Franchisee Yang Jia

    The company has a complete sales management system, which is handy. The company's product quality is excellent, supporting production ... [View Details]
  • 邓权加盟商李爱云

    Deng Quan Franchisee Li Aiyun

    Relying on Deng Quansu's outstanding product quality, I finally gained a foothold in the industry, with an annual profit of 1.5 million ... [View Details]
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Deng Quan Plastic Industry NewsIndustry News

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【凝心聚力 赢战2020】 邓权塑业2019年年会圆满召开

[Concentrate to win the war 2020] Deng Quan Plastic Industry Annual Conference 2019 successfully held 2020.01.16

Fruitful resignations of the old year, singing songs celebrate New Year. On January 11, 2020, Deng Quan Plastic Industry Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd.'s 2019 year-end summary meeting and the 2020 New Year's party ...
钢丝网骨架管下线  邓权塑业向智能制造工厂迈进

Steel wire mesh skeleton pipe goes offline Deng Quan Plastic Industry marches towards smart manufacturing factory2019.12.18

On December 13, 2019, the first main base of Dengquan Steel Wire Mesh Skeleton Polyethylene Composite Pipe, which was awaited, was successfully rolled off, marking the Dengquan pipeline to the intelligent system ...
奖先进 树标杆丨邓权公司召开员工表彰会议

Award advanced benchmarking 丨 Deng Quan company held employee recognition meeting2019.11.22

In order to reward advanced, promote production, set a benchmark, and stimulate the positive energy of all employees, the company held a commendation conference on November 21. , In accordance with the company's employee manual, for the recent performance ...

Installation method of PVC drainage pipe2019.12.27

I. Features and scope of selection 1.1 Scientificity of construction management: application of total quality management methods. A sound quality assurance system and technical measures control the entire construction process ...

Features of UPVC Spiral Silenced Drain Pipe2019.12.27

Features of PVC Spiral Drainage Pipe: As can be seen from the installation diagram of PPI spiral muffled single riser drainage system, the basic of UPVC spiral pipe drainage system and ordinary drainage system ...

Selection and embedding method of several materials such as PVC pipe in construction engineering2019.12.13

Four kinds of electrical conduits commonly used in construction engineering: PVC pipe (hardened polyvinyl chloride pipe), KBG pipe (withholding thin-walled steel pipe), JDG pipe (compact thin-walled steel pipe), S ...

common problem

Q: How to pull out the PVC tube
As we all know, PVC pipe is an essential building material product in home improvement. Then the question comes, you know the sticky p ...
Q: What are the differences between PE water pipe and gas pipe
I believe many people don't know what PE water pipes and PE gas pipes are, but when it comes to homes, you know the pipes, the pipes ...
Q: Dry Cargo Sharing-Comparison Table of Nominal DN Diameter and Outer Diameter of Various Pipes
Generally speaking, the diameter of pipe can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter and nominal diameter. The pipe is a seamless steel pipe ...
Question: The improvement of home improvement circuit, the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of PVC pipe and galvanized pipe
In the renovation of home improvement circuits, the most commonly used threading pipes are PVC pipes and KBG pipes (galvanized steel pipes) ....
Q: How to choose a pipe for renovation?
How to choose a pipe for decoration? What kind of pipe is good for decoration. At present, the water pipes for residential decoration are mainly divided into: galvanized pipe, U ...
Question: Analysis of the consumption situation and prospects of PPR pipe products industry
The widespread promotion of PPR pipes in China began in 2000. At that time, traditional galvanized pipes were used as water supply pipes ...
Question: Dengquan PPR water pipe: health, health and environmental protection
PPR is the abbreviation of random copolymer polypropylene in English. Commonly known as type III polypropylene. PPR pipe is galvanized pipe, UPVC water supply ...
Q: How is the water pipe installed in the house? PPR Pipe Installation Guide
PPR pipe removes the weight of ordinary plastic pipes without weight, anti-corrosion, no scaling, when using ...
Question: How to choose PPR pipe to teach you the quality of PPR pipe
How to choose PPR pipe to teach you the quality of PPR pipe
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